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Political PR-is there a change?

People are aware that there is a hot battle going on the national platform for their attention and PR campaigns are executed to get the better of them. No doubt the public is the most precious commodity in today’s time when they trust the reigns of their nations in the hands of political parties.

Ever since democracy started to unfold its wings and politics, the favourite games of the elites and their entourage moved out in the open, the war for public’s attention has been gaining fervour.

The PR that at best wants to protect their clients interests no matter what the case be and act in the true spirit of professionalism striking a balance with the ethics faces a tough challenge when it comes to the politics of it.

Political PR has developed over the years from just canvassing or open speeches. The battle is now to win the hearts and minds of the people. Strikingly, no practitioner wants to give the impression that their client’s best interest in the public gets unveiled only in the time of elections.

Political PR is a year-round process which delicately tries to woo the electorates and build a confidence base of party members.

Obama’s strategy has been the shining examples of political public relations. His strategists portrayed him as brand Obama that stands for transparency. Obama even committed on publishing all proclamations and executive orders on the white house website. He has been quick to address issues either directly or through his team members, thus curbing the speculations and rumours. To top it all up, he has been promoting his policies through Facebook and Twitter, reaching the public directly and in a timely manner.

Compare this to Hurricane Katrina hit areas in US in 2005, where government came under criticism for lack of efforts. Government banned journalists from accompanying boats out in search of victims citing a Defense Department policy, in order to treat victims with dignity and respect. Even the photographs were banned from publishing. This was considered as censorship and further news from the recovery operations started to get misinterpreted. Eventually through a lawsuit filed by CNN, the media ban was lifted. Thus, adding to the overall bad reputation in the press and in the public eye about this natural disaster.

Obama’s social media strategy did bring about a wind of change which connected him more intimately to the people who voted for him and who look upto him with hopeful eyes. social media puts a human face to the larger than life figures and makes them a part of the crowd. That is the best PR strategy that works for now!

Thus, I’m delighted to conclude that it is hightime the political sphere also realise that social media watchdog can sniff the spin and expose it to the world in a wink!





The campaign “ICHCHA-a desire to live” is being conceptualised to deal with the social issue of female foeticides on behalf of Save Girl Child Organisation for a period of 4 months from June 2010-September.

The campaign will deal with the issue of practical implementation of monetary incentives scheme for women and initiate an online petition, generate more website traffic and engage people in order to bring momentum to the cause. The main creative strategies would be to launch a viral video, start social media web pages where group activities will take place, a blog for the press and an online publication will be launched during the last month of the campaign where members can contribute write-ups.

The major concerns that have called for a need to initiate this online campaign are:

  • Lack of visibility of the main website; thus, lesser reach
  • Less scope for audience interactivity and involvement with the issue
  • Practical implement of the monetary incentives scheme has not yet been achieved

The rationale:

Shocking statistics have been released time and again to highlight the gravity of the evil and a lot has been written about it. Weaving around the issue of female foeticides, the purpose of this campaign is to not only create awareness and inform people but also stimulate thought processes and generate discussions. The reason why we have chosen a viral social media campaign is to sensitise people about how serious the problem is and what consequences will it generate for the posterity. The campaign will aim to resolve the issues of the organisation. One of the main visions of the organisation is “practical implementation of the monetary incentives be given to women who give birth to girls and not just in theory”. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been achieved till now. Thus, it gives us a solid reason to bring the organisation into a cyber world which has the ability to unite people for such endeavours.

Other issues that substantiate the launch of an online campaign are that the website lacks prominence as compared to its competitors. Scope for interactivity with the target audience is negligible. It contains a lot of relevant information about women related causes and social stigmas but doesn’t clearly state their plan of action or strategy to mobilise the causes.

Since a social cause always seeks public attention, it becomes vital to engage people in discussions, debates, groups, clubs etc. through this campaign, we aim to open more outsourcing channels for the organisation which would give people the right and inclination to make decisions, participate keenly in social media activities and take the cause further. Through social media platforms and an interactive website, it will not spread awareness but also help in a building a community of supporters who would inspire others to join in.

The campaign:

The objectives of the campaign will be:

  • Engage 500,000 people in a Facebook, Orkut and Flickr group within 4 months
  • Sign a petition for practical implementation of monetary incentives to women who give birth to girl(s).
  • Spread awareness against the evil of female foeticides
  • Start an online publication run by the members of the group
  • Generate website traffic through social media platforms

Target audience:

  • College and university students, working men and women, media (primary)
  • Doctors and medical students (secondary)

Creative Strategy

  • As discussed earlier, the campaign commences with the launch of a viral video about the female foeticides. The video will be available on YouTube and the link to the video shall be provided on Facebook, Orkut, Flickr and
  • Proud to be a gal to be placed as status update on Facebook and Orkut pages for a month by members. This would be a fun activity which would also generate curiosity among other Facebook users. 
  • 1st July is celebrated as Daughter’s Day in India. To make into a daughter’s month, a picture sharing pool on Flickr.
  • Slogan writing contest for the campaign would begin to compliment the picture sharing pool.  The slogans will be voted by the members and the best slogan will become the slogan of the month!
  • The Online publication will be launched as the last activity in order to keep the members involved in the cause.
  • Signing the petition:  The main motive of signing the petition would be the practical implementation of monetary incentives to be given to women at the birth of a girl child and not just in theory.