A little thank you note!

I still remember my first day at the University of Westminster, Harrow Campus. I was tad nervous, yet immensely happy to finally see my dream come true! I always wanted to come to London to study……..could be anything! The journey was a tough ride for me, since I come from a culture which is so … Continue reading A little thank you note!


Political PR-is there a change?

People are aware that there is a hot battle going on the national platform for their attention and PR campaigns are executed to get the better of them. No doubt the public is the most precious commodity in today’s time when they trust the reigns of their nations in the hands of political parties. Ever … Continue reading Political PR-is there a change?

Have no doubts on social media in times of crisis

As defined in the book, Master the skills to disaster by Harvard Business School; “Crisis management can be defined as a change, either sudden or evolving, that results in an urgent problem that must be addressed immediately. For a business, a crisis can cause damage to its employees, its reputation or bottom line.” Throughout the … Continue reading Have no doubts on social media in times of crisis