London Diaries

19th November 2010

It was April 2010 that I last made a blog entry and after that, I dint really find anything interesting to make an account of. But since then, a lot has happened on the personal front than on the professional front.
Professionally, life hasn’t made much of a move, considering my own yardsticks of what I call a remarkable step up. A couple of internships followed by a temporary job is all that I managed to grab in 6 month.

Twilight Saga

Nonetheless, personal predicaments kept me occupied and never failed to amuse me in the sense that it surprised me to see how people who once mattered the world to me had made a quiet exit from the backdoor and yet it did not leave me wondering as I had much expected this. Call it negative attitude if you may but there are certain situations which you encounter time and again with different people in almost similar situations, leading to exactly similar results. A strange awkwardness of silence that seeps into the widening cracks of your loosely connected relationships only makes the emotional ride more tumultuous.

Not being able to find proper work even after one year of successful marriage only added to the already defeated spirit. Thankfully and as rarely as it happens, may I add that my marriage has been the sole stabilising factor in my life and unaffected by the financial crisis, ever since I came to London on 14th September 2009. If it were not for my spouse and his patience, I wouldn’t have been able to sustain through this rough period and would have fallen apart. Clap for that super clichéd dialogue but I mean it!!

Throughout my journey in London, I observed a great deal of people, their impeccable mannerisms, careful courtesies, their loneliness and sometimes their obviously visible dislike towards a ‘race’ reflecting their insecurities. But their professional attitude is something I have to appreciate. At times, they wouldn’t care to take into account any emotional attachments, leaving you conspicuous about their mechanical life.

Being in London also gave me a great sense of independence, rather complete independence which left me feel vulnerable sometimes. People who come from overseas often say that once you’ve been here, done that, it is very difficult to go back to where you belong. No, not because they develop any liking towards the place, but because like everybody else, they also get caught in the viscous circle of living up to the family expectations and feeding several stomachs. Besides, England is too dry, apathetic and insipid to suit the tastes of merry making Indians who sadly never feel completely owned by any foreign country and after a while, they are unable to return to their rustic milieu. Just that our adaptability is quite congratulatory.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to going back to India and definitely not with a heavy heart as I still feel closely bonded to my family and my hometown. One thing that absolutely satisfies me is the kind of people whom I met as they added up to the experiences I had, leading to my growth as a more patient and tolerant person. No lawful speeches here but I have known one thing for sure that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and people with indifferent attitudes should definitely go unnoticed! 🙂

More stories to follow……

Luv D


3 thoughts on “London Diaries

  1. yashuaib says:

    It is interesting to read this from Diksha. Like she said having a right spouse is worthwhile and a counselling factor in the topsy-turvy world we dwell. Home is home… and there are more joy and opportunities to contribute to the development of our communities. Personally, I have never regretted schooling abroad but always looking towards home-country to eke out a living. As we accomplish some tasks like academic accomplishments more challenges creep up but we should work towards surmounting them with perseverance, commitment, hardwork and prayers… Goodluck Dikhsa and weldone for this writing.

  2. Ruchi says:

    Hey Diksha,
    A very nicely written post.How well have you shared your thoughts!
    We get to know life only when we move out of our comfort zones. It has its downsides but the best part is that it strengthens us, makes us hardy and well placed to take it as it comes!
    I pray that you do fulfill all the dreams that you have…It warms the heart to read about marriage keeping you strong! Cheers to that 🙂
    Keep up the spirit girl we all are with you!
    Have a blessed happy weekend ahead 🙂
    Lots of love and big hugs

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