A little thank you note!

I still remember my first day at the University of Westminster, Harrow Campus. I was tad nervous, yet immensely happy to finally see my dream come true! I always wanted to come to London to study……..could be anything!

The journey was a tough ride for me, since I come from a culture which is so closely knitted, involved and nurtured with affection. I wasn’t used to the aloofness, the silence around and the distance always scared me.

But gradually, the distances did fade and I realised that the people around my class are very cordial and helpful. The long nights at the library, the struggle to come up with one brilliant idea for the assignment, the brain storming sessions with my mates always came in handy!

I broke down at the most awkward times to embarass myself, I shared some precious laughs, the many after class gossip sessions at the canteen, I even learnt to ice skate, though I was a disaster!.…But this course made me tough. I fell many a times, but I’m really glad I learnt to face my fears.  

I owe a big thanks to all my teachers….Pam and Michaela who have been with us as great mentors. Kim, without whom the fashion module wouldn’t have been the same and Matt, who taught us some great tricks for blogging and tweeting.

Last but not the least, to all my classmates….without each one of you, this course wouldn’t have been such a wonderful journey…….now it is a beautiful memoire for life!




3 thoughts on “A little thank you note!

  1. Aneta says:

    Diksha, this is very toughtful. You are a very nice person, wise and mature… but still fun as well 🙂 Hope you won’t forget about me too quickly… 🙂 Wish u best luck…

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