Delhi, India: Save a girl child has launched its new viral campaign “ICHCHA – A DESIRE TO LIVE” to fight against the crime of female foeticides in India. The declining sex-ratio problem is assuming grave proportions in India which has prompted quick action from the organisation.

ICHCHA which means ‘wish’ is a reminder of the agonising souls who cry for mercy and beg for their right to live.

The campaign launches with of a 30 second video using a doll as a metaphor to show the merciless killing of the innocent girl child. It is sure to catch some eye balls

“Our main aim is to reach an audience of 500,000 and encourage them to sign a petition for provision of monetary benefits to women who produce girls in practice and not just bury on paper. Together they have the power to bring about a huge difference to causes which concern the entire country. Therefore, we thought this is the right time to be a part of the social media brigade to stimulate some consciences.” said Dr Bernard Malik, Founder and Director of Save a girl child organisation.

To celebrate daughter’s month in July, the campaign also aims to connect people emotionally to the cause through other interesting online activities on popular social media platforms which will be launched sequentially.

The widespread prevalence of female foeticide in India is a shameful outcome of the social mores of India, which are badly skewed against girl-children. This 4 month campaign is yet another hope for the suffering girls.


Boiler’s Plate:

  • The 2001 Census conducted by Government of India, showed a sharp decline in the child sex ratio in 80% districts of India.
  • Systematic gender discrimination in India is reported to have claimed up to a whopping 50 million female lives.
  • The current female sex ratio for the age group of 0-6 years per 1000 boys in some of the most affluent states of India is: Punjab has 798, Haryana 819, Delhi(U.T.) 868, Gujarat 883
  • Steep rise in crime against women and dowry deaths has further contributed to the low sex ratio.
  • A survey by Action India of women in Delhi revealed that even the highly educated women have resorted to as many as eight abortions to ensure that they only give birth to a son.

About the organisation: At http://savegirlchild.org/, we show you the world from the eyes of a girl child, bright but unprivileged, twinkle in the eye, but remorse in the spirit; the Indian girl child, a picture of dismay.
Save Girl Child is a social endeavour under the auspices of The Organization for Eradication of Illiteracy and Poverty www.educatenow.org

Join our group on facebook and help us fight the cause.

Dr. Vishal Malik, Founder and Director
Email: vdirector@savegirlchild.org
Phone: 02013546786

Manpreet Deol
Country Director
Phone: 02087483638


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