Social media – a peep into the future

Practising Social Media PR for a profitable business-measuring its pros and cons

London, U.K. – TweetFace; a popular social networking website announced its launch of a new webcast “PR and Social media” to underline the benefits that social media can have for business organisations. An official press conference held today at 2:00 pm in Threemasons Hall, Holborn was attended by 50 journalists and PR practitioners from different sectors. 

Hi TweetFace!

Tweetface for the first time has taken the initiative to reinforce the fact that the social media platform can be a boon for business entities if its complete potential is realised. 

Diksha Sethi, Digital PR executive of TweetFace and the creator of this webcast said “It is important to learn new ways to communicate to the audience in a digital environment. I look at it as a possibility of connecting with your audience at a more personal level which has been driven by social change.” 

The webcast highlights some key benefits of social media for any business organisation; local or international. 

1) Social media is cost effective and offers unlimited space, unlike the traditional newspapers, radio and television. 

2) It is easy to recognise the potential market and segregate your niche which further helps in customising the message accordingly. 

3) Social media gives the audiences an equal chance to voice their opinion and help organisations deliver exactly what is in demand. Thus; saving their time, energy and resources. 

4) New Public Relations strategies like viral campaigns, webcasts, blogs etc have the capacity to change public opinion towards an organisation or a brand from negative to neutral and from neutral to positive. 

5) Increasing Revenue On Investment is the most important goal social media helps to achieve for organisations. 

Matthew Holland, Head of digital PR department of TweetFace further hinted at the importance of being fair and honest in using this medium which is still under the experiment stage. “The nature of the medium is more volatile than television or radio. Because its reach is far and wide, the message looses it control once it has been disseminated. Therefore, it is extremely important to be honest in delivering your message to your audience. Else, the outcome can be ravaging for the brand’s reputation.” 

Social Media has brought about a paradigm shift in the PR practices directed towards various sectors of business where the consumer forms the focus. Apart from being a visual treat, this webcast shall touch upon some key approaches to communicating in an evolving digital world.
The webcast is available and downloadable from TweetFace and YouTube. 



Boiler’s Plate: 

TweetFace was founded by Danny Berg in 2003, initially as an exclusive network for Harvard students. It was a huge hit in 2 weeks. 

TweetFace is the world’s 2nd largest social network, with over 400 million users. 

TweetFace added 70 million unique user from 2009-2010. 

Till january 2010, TweetFace had 124 million users just from the U.K.



Danny Berg:CEO and Founder TweetFace
Office: 1602 S, White Avenue
London, U.K. 

Contact Person:
Ms.Diksha Sethi Sharma
Executive communication manager
Phone: 0203467654 (ext-123)
mobile: 07898226050

Follow us:!/sethi.diksha


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