19th February 2010: BodyAmr @ London Fashion Week, 3:15 pm; ThreeMasons Hall, Great Queens street, Holborn

I’ve grown up seeing paper thin models wearing stunning clothes and walking amidt the awstruck crowd. lights, camera and LIVE action with no retake! I thought this is so easy. All one has to do is walk down on those 7inches alongwith something remarkably cut and put together! That’s how I precieved a fashion show to be like. The world of fashion is anything but easy! Never thought I could get such an opportunity to work for the London Fashion Week only to see the chaos back stage, last min disasters, months of hard work put in by the designer, fashion producer, technicians, photographers, hair and makeup artists, the PR team  and models; all this for a 20 min Gliterati. 

For a deisgner, it always feels like the first show even if it is his 100th! the excitement is sky high always! The who’s who of the tinsel town comes all decked up to see what’s in and out for the next season.

The experience of sharing a space with the nation’s talent was truly enriching and unforgettable. I took some pictures of Jacob Kimmie’s show and Sado’s show. (as seen in gallery)

Below are some of the pictures and vidoes of BodyAmr’s show: enjoy!


Bodyamr features at Vogue:,7992

BodyAmr fall 2010:,0,15

Nicola Roberts LIVE:

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