The endangered future of newspapers

Is social media a threat to newspapers?

It has been 4 years when I last made my diary entry. And within that time, almost everything has moved from a tactile to virtual form. Even personal diaries have moved to virtual spaces on “blogs”. The other day, in Matts class, we were having a discussion if newspapers would eventually become extinct entities and would rather be found in museums for our prodigys to admire. We are living in a “touch and go” global environment where everything, from the way we eat, sleep, shop, communicate, make friends or build relationships – everything has undergone a transformation online.    Philosophers, poets, academicians and theorists quote in their own way, that – Old ideas, thoughts and structures become redundant one day and must make way for the fresh one’s. That is the cycle of life. But does that mean, newspapers would actually disappear? We would rather be carrying an i-pad or a palm-sized laptop on our way to offices?! Just because newspapers deliver news which is already being twittered 12 hours before, on every website or bloggers’ space? I have my qualms. Maybe it is the question of credibility and authenticity which bothers an avid reader who would rather enjoy skimming through the newspaper with a cup of coffee than concentrating his eyes on web pages.     Some examples occured my mind while I’m still pondering over the future of newspapers and the growing dominance of online media. Why do people still ride bicycles when they can zoom in their cars and reach anywhere within no time?! like I would still prefer to go to a fashion store to take a look around what’s in and latest and buy it myself rather than shop from a virtual window! Why do people still post greeting cards on special occassions when an e-card is just a click away?! why do we prefer meeting a friend over a weekend and not talk through skype?   Maybe some things are just there to stay – be it out of loyalty, habit, warmth or sheer comfort! I guess, We all have basic needs which the virtual world still cannot fulfill. There is still, a long way to go…………….!


2 thoughts on “The endangered future of newspapers

  1. Ralu says:

    I think some “traditions” will never change – like meeting a friend instead of using skype or sending greeting cards on special occasions instead of an e-cards. From an eco point of view maybe people ride bicycles instead of using cars in order to protect the environment. The same can be said about newspapers. I-pads are eco-friendly whereas newspapers are not. So maybe in every bad thing (I love printed media) there is a good thing (green benefits). Just a thought…

  2. Sumit Gupta says:

    Well said…..But I believe that everything has a lifespan and newspapers wont be an exception. There might be a long way to go!! If not today….they will die,tomorrow!!! Its all about substitutes..and the world has started accepting them.

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